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Lamborghini's new car isn't the Estoque

We know Lamborghini is bringing a new car to the Paris Auto Show. We know it's likely a sedan based on the car's profile in the teaser sketch. We even know it might be called the Asterion. Wait, sedan?


So Lamborghini is finally giving the world the Estoque? Not exactly. We took the teaser sketch that Lamborghini posted and layered it onto the Estoque Concept. You'll note that the lines are similar, but they don't match up exactly.

So what does this mean? Well, the concept is still likely a sedan but you should probably give up that it'll literally be a production version of the Estoque Concept that we've all prayed for all these years. Yes, you have every right to cry about that.


Lamborghini, why don't you just save us all the trouble and produce the Estoque?

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