The stereotypical supercar owner: rich, sometimes flashy and pompous, and usually particular about babying their supercar. Now, meet Eric and Amity Peterson from Portland, Oregon. They are not your typical supercar owners. Far from it.

The Petersons are normal people just like you and me. In fact, if you met them on the street you wouldn't have a clue that they are very well off. That is until you learn about their supercar collection.

But instead of hiding their car collection unless it's a bright sunny day, they drive them in the rain. They take them to many local car meets, and they even take their kids to school in them. Oh, and they started a charity that takes local sick kids with life-threatening diseases for rides in their supercars.

It's called Dream Drives for Kids, and it is allowing the Peterson's to work with local hospitals to give kids a once-in-a-lifetime experience


Read the full story at the link above on Motor Authority.

In the mean time, check out Dream Drives for Kids. Also, remember, not all supercar owners fit the stereotype.