Remember the Devel Sixteen that was unveiled at the Dubai Motor Show? It claimed to have 5,000 horsepower from a sixteen-cylinder engine. For those doing the math, that equates to the power of four Bugatti Veyron Super Sports. Many people claimed the Devel Sixteen looked fake, even saying some of it looked like it was made out of cardboard. Well, apparently it's real, and it's running. This video shows a Devel Sixteen to be running under its own power.

While it may be running with a real engine, that sure doesn't sound like a 5,000-horsepower sixteen-cylinder engine. It actually kind of sounds like an LS-series V-8 engine.

If you remember, Rashid Al-Attari, the developer of the Devel Sixteen told us how convinced he was of the car's possibilities. He talked about how it will have "street mode" that deactivates eight of the 16 cylinders and reduces power to about 800-900 horsepower. Push a button and the other eight cylinders, all four turbos, and 4,200 horsepower will come to life.


If this all seems somewhat magical, well, it is. But the fact remains the Devel Sixteen is real, and at least one example is running, though it's anyone's guess as to what engine is actually in it.