Just last week the new 2015 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 started shipping to dealerships and a few days later customers started taking delivery. We've already seen the Z06 hit the dyno not once, but twice, and one didn't even make it out of the dealership parking lot before doing a massive burnout. Now, a week later we are already hearing reports of a major issue: power loss.

It seems the power loss occurs after multiple laps around a track or back-to-back acceleration runs on the highway.

Naturally your mind would jump to the thought of heat soak with the supercharged engine, but it seems the issue stems from a very conservative ECU tune by Chevrolet. The reason? Hitting emissions targets and preservation of the powertrain for the life of the car. I.e. GM doesn't really want these engines to catastrophically fail during the five year/100,000 mile warranty).


GM has said it feels customers will be satisfied with the performance of the new Z06 in stock form, and those who aren't can easily go through aftermarket channels to remove the conservative ECU tune, though say goodbye to your warranty.

Bottom line: The new Z06 has been made so it doesn't break. If you don't care about your warranty you're going to see some serious performance gains with some aftermarket tweaks.