You're excited about the new Toyota Supra, right? Everyone is. The idea of the legendary nameplate returning has enthusiasts salivating, and for good reason. We already knew the Supra was being developed in conjunction with BMW, but now there are claims that the engine under the hood will actually be a BMW 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder. Yes, a BMW turbo four under the hood of a a car with the Supra nameplate.

That sound you just heard was every Supra fanatic hitting the floor after a heart attack.

In addition to the turbocharged four-cylinder gas engine, there will supposedly be a trio of electric motors setup in a similar configuration as the new Acura NSX (if that car ever actually launches).


So, a Supra with a four-cylinder engine and some electric motors. Is this what a future Supra should be, or is Toyota about to tarnish a historical nameplate?