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Will You #GiveAShift?

It's a fact: Manual transmissions are on the endangered species list. Sales are plummeting and no one's stepping up to the plate to fix the problem. You go to the dealership, you test drive the car with the manual, but you buy the automatic. Thousands of these guys are languishing on dealer lots.


Only seven percent of vehicles sold last year were stick, and that's just pathetic. Thankfully, 40 percent of Corvette buyers stuck with a stick. The sad part? That seems pretty high, even for a sports car. When did a less than 50 percent take rate on a manual transmission in a sports car become acceptable? What happened to our society?

Car and Driver has a campaign to save the manuals, but clearly that hasn't been enough. Now's the time, we want you to #GiveAShift.

Buy a car with a manual transmission. Take that beauty to local track days, hit the autocross, or just tear up the backroads.

Do your part and #GiveAShift.

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